Practice Resurrection

Today is Easter, which obviously is an important day for a lot of Christians. But regardless of your beliefs, the renewal that spring brings provides so much hope and promise. I was born in Michigan (where it is super-cold) and moved to Florida to start middle school. When I lived in Florida, I...Read More >

Upgrade Your Brain

Ready for a mindblower? The human brain can store 2.5 petabytes of information (1 million gigabytes). That means if your brain was a DVR, it could record continuously, 24 hours a day . . . for 300 years. (Scientific American) Knowledge in Nanotechnology is doubling every 2 years. Clinical knowledge...Read More >

There is No Spoon…the truth about Waterfall and Agile

Have you seen the Matrix movies? Specifically, that scene where Keanu Reeves is told “there is no spoon” and suddenly the world he thought was reality is revealed to be just a construct of the Matrix? I want to give you a moment like that. See, as a newer Project Manager, I’ve been trained...Read More >

Embrace the Change

Change Most people don’t like it. That’s why we make a big deal about New Year’s Resolutions-- as if we literally have to gear up all year long to face the monumental task of trying to be, think or do something different. Why are people so resistant to change? It often has to do with real or...Read More >

Getting on Board with Microsoft Teams

If everyone at Solarity had a second job title, because my previous position was as a Help Desk Manger, mine would probably be “the tech guy.” I appreciate technology and I’ve often been an early adopter, so it made sense that when we implemented Microsoft Teams here at Solarity, I’d take...Read More >

Project Management Boxed Up with a Bow

It’s the holiday season! And while I love this time of year, isn’t it true that as adults we find ourselves on the receiving end of a lot of things we don’t need or want-- things like fruitcake, cookies, scented candles, and desktop golf sets? Well, at Solarity, we’ve boxed up something a...Read More >