Great Teamwork is Like a Rolex

There are so many quotes and books and images to choose from when you search the internet about the power of a team. There are books of quotes written about teamwork and you’ve heard them all before. Still, I’d like to write about teamwork because very few things can move a project forward, can...Read More >
feet at the edge of a diving board

3 Reasons Why We Decided to Blog More Consistently

 Never has there been a time when it is so easy to consume.   Every day we are connected with different forms of devices absorbing content: researching data from your laptop for an important project, checking Facebook or Twitter from your phone while sitting at a red light (we don't encourage...Read More >

Lessons Learned from a Recently Certified PMP®

Submitted by Cory Camic As a recently certified PMP®, I have been honored with the task of documenting my experience. I successfully passed the PMP® exam on March 31 st of this year, and it was simultaneously the most humbling and rewarding experience of my career. First off, I will say that I...Read More >