I’m a big fan of using keyboard commands to save time when working with Microsoft Project. Here are three of my favorites, the first two of which work with Excel and SharePoint lists as well: 

Bring Focus to a Cell

When I’m working in Excel, SharePoint Datasheet views, or Microsoft Project tables, I have to edit the cells. A lot. 

One approach is to click into the cell with your mouse several times until you get to the place you want to edit. 

An easier approach is to simply press the F2 key, which quickly brings focus to the end of the text in that cell. 

You can then use the Ctrl+Right/Left Cursor keys to move from word to word. 

Fill Down

 I often need to repeat values from one cell to another. For example, if I have several tasks that each are 10 days in duration, I can save time by using the Fill Down feature.

Simply type the value you want to repeat in one column of a cell, then hold down the Control key, and select the other cells. 

Once all the cells are selected, click the Ctrl+D keys, and all cells will fill with the same value. 

Another approach with similar results is to use Ctrl+C to copy the value of one cell, then select other cells using the Ctrl key, then click Ctrl+V to paste that value in all selected cells. 

Indent and Outdent Tasks

One common activity in Project is to create a list of tasks, and then indent them to create a Summary Task. One can do this using the Indent Task button on the Task Ribbon, or you can simply select the tasks to be indented, then click the Shift+Alt+Right Cursor keys. To outdent, simply use the Shift+Alt+Left Cursor keys.